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SB 320: Requires Colleges and Universities to Provide Abortions

Should California College Campuses and Universities be required to provide on-campus college women with chemically induced abortion methods?

California Senate Bill 320 would create a privately-funded State account to finance and provide on-campus college women with free abortions via “medication techniques” (pills) to terminate a pregnancy up to 10 weeks. The funds would be available for all publicly funded student health centers, and if the funds are sufficient, private colleges that request funding as well.

As some ungodly state legislators are determined to “terminate” pregnancies at alarming rates, your phone call and email can go a long way to “terminate” this BAD bill. SB 320 has passed through the Senate and is now waiting to be considered in the Assembly.

Please pray now and be ready to request a “NO vote” on SB 320 when we receive further movement on this bill.