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Governor Brown VETOES AB 569

Great news! Over the weekend Governor Brown VETOED AB 569, the law that would have made it illegal for churches to require their staff members to adhere to Biblical principles of morality. Praise the Lord! Your prayers and phone calls were instrumental in this remarkable victory. Again, to God be the glory!

Please take the time to call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and thank him for his veto.

There is still much work to be done. Unfortunately, there were a number of other bad bills that were signed into law by the Governor, including SB 179,adding a “third” gender to CA birth certificates and driver’s licenses, and SB 219, making it a crime for healthcare workers to refer to nursing home residents by anything other than their “preferred” pronouns.

The reality is we’re going to see much more legislation like this and we need God‘s people to continue to be involved. Please make your plans now to join us for our upcoming California Capitol Connection, February 12 & 13, 2018. We need all hands on deck.

God has blessed our efforts!  Let’s continue to work and pray!

Update: AB 569 Directly Attacks Religious Liberty

AB-569, a bill that poses a direct attack on religious liberty, PASSED the Senate on Tuesday, 27-13 with all Republicans voting, “NO,” and the Assembly on Thursday, 56-20-4, with two Republicans voting “AYE”.

The bill now goes to Governor Jerry Brown’s office who has the option to sign it into law or veto it.

As you are aware, AB 569 specifically outlaws employee codes of conduct used by any employer that prohibit abortion, contraception, or premarital sex. There is a very narrow exemption for ministers, those teaching the faith.

Please call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and ask him to VETO AB-569. You can also send an email to the Governor’s office using this online form.

::::::: please pray :::::::

We have scheduled a conference call with the Governor’s Legislative Staff for this coming Thursday. Please pray for wisdom and power for all participants as we make our case for religious freedom.


Also, get your church and others to pray.

Call the Governor.

Please call Governor Brown’s office at (916) 445-2841 and
ask him to VETO AB-569.

AB 569 Directly Attacks Religious Liberty

The California Senate will be voting soon on a measure that is a very direct threat to our religious freedoms in the Golden State. AB 569 opens the door to a direct assault on ministries establishing standards of conduct for their staff people.

Assembly Bill 569 (AB 569) would:

  • PROHIBIT all religious organizations, including churches and religious schools, from the terminating or taking disciplinary or retaliatory action of any employee for becoming pregnant out-of-wedlock, having an abortion, or seeking medical services for considering an abortion.
  • PROHIBIT all religious organizations, including churches and religious schools, from requiring an employee to sign, to agree to, or to follow a code of conduct that states denying any employee the right to make the employee’s own decisions for becoming pregnant out-of-wedlock, having an abortion, or seeking medical services for considering an abortion.
  • REQUIRE all religious organizations, including churches and religious schools, which require compliance with an employee handbook to include in the handbook notice of the employee’s rights of becoming pregnant out-of-wedlock, having an abortion, or seeking medical services for considering an abortion.
  • ONLY ALLOW a small exemption for a pastor or “employee who leads a religious organization, conducts worship services or important religious ceremonies or rituals, or serves as a messenger or teacher of its faith,” but would be enforced for all other employees.

This ungodly and unscriptural bill acts under the guise of “protecting the right to privacy of the citizens of the State of California” and insuring “Californians’ freedom to make reproductive health decisions free of interference from their employers,” including a church employer. Should a Baptist Church or its Schools require that all its employees live in accordance with the Bible including abstaining from fornication and valuing the life of the unborn?


Also, get your church and others to pray.

Call your Senator.

Ask them to vote no when it comes to the floor in the next few weeks. Have others that you know call their Senator’s office as well.

Meet with your Senator.

Make an appointment with them at the Capitol, or schedule a meeting in your local district. We would be happy to assist you with this.

Assembly Republicans Abandon Party Platform

In direct contradiction to the Republican Party Platform, the California Assembly Republicans under the leadership of Assembly Member Chad Mayes have chosen to praise the the work of LGBT organizations and LGBT hero Harvey Milk.  This past Tuesday the Assembly Republican Caucus sent out a tweet in full support of Harvey Milk Day and commending the work of Equality California and theLog Cabin Republicans, organizations that are extremely hostile to traditional marriage, religious liberty and biblical values.  The tweet was liked by Assembly Republican Minority Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblywoman Catherine Baker, and re-tweeted by the California Republican Party.

Please contact your Assembly Member today and him/her these four simple questions:

  • Does Assembly Member Chad Mayes and Republican Assembly caucus speak for you on LGBT issues?
  • Are the Assembly Republicans abandoning the traditional marriage plank in the party platform?
  • Have you asked Assembly Member Chad Mayes to delete this tweet as a misrepresentation of your values?
  • Do you think it is time for new leadership in the Republican Assembly?

Please notify us by email of the response you receive to these questions along with your Assemblymember’s name.

Thank you in advance for taking action to support biblical values in our state!

Pastor John Evertson
Director, Awake America California
Harvey Milk Day background information:

This past Monday, May 22nd, was Harvey Milk Day in California Public Schools.Harvey Milk, a member of the San Franciosco board of supervisors who was assisinated in 1978, was an open homosexual. documents that “Milk repeatedly engaged in adult-child sex, advocated for multiple sexual relationships at the same time….” and that “…the Harvey Milk law urges schools to make students perform exercises remembering the life of Harvey Milk,…”

It is bad enough that California State law forces our public schools to honor and celebrate Milk’s immoral lifestyle, but even worse is the fact that the California Assembly Republicans have endorsed Harvey Milk Day on their Twitter account. 

SB 18 – Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California

Do you believe that the government should regulate and provide oversight to you as a parent in all areas relating to the children living in your home? You understand that government agencies (i.e. Child Protective Services – CPS) has their place and value, but should any government fully police and make policy that infringe upon every area of the home?

Biblically the answer is NO! A new and alarming California State Senate Bill, named SB 18, was introduced and filed on December 5, 2016 that lays the foundation for enormous future government oversight and control in every California home. It is intentionally referred to as the “Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California” by its creators.

Though sounding good, it does not immediately accomplish anything but declares that the Legislature enact more laws and spend more money to fully set forth “children’s rights” by January 1, 2022! Please take action today and ask the Lord to strike this very bad bill down before it ever gets off the ground in Senate committees.